Laser Dentistry
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Have No Fear, Pediatric Laser Dentistry Is Here!

No, really… have no fear! A lot of children dread their dental visit due to the pain or discomfort many of us have felt at the dentist. We want dentistry to be an enjoyable (and, dare we say, even FUN) experience, which is why we are highly trained in pediatric laser dental techniques.

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What Is Laser Dentistry?

Using lasers is a well-established and minimally invasive way to SAFELY treat your child. Here at Curtis Kids Dentistry, lasers are used for things like fixing cavities, reshape gum tissue, tongue-tie releases, biopsies, and pathology removal.

Vibration and pressure are the primary causes of discomfort associated with the use of the dental handpiece, or drill. The laser uses light energy to cut hard and soft tissues with minimal to no discomfort.

Young boy dreaming of rockets laying on the grass
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Reasons Why Lasers Are So Cool!
  • Often eliminate the need for anesthesia or suture
  • Will reduce gum damage
  • We sorta get to feel like buzz light year
  • No contact with the tooth
  • Quicker healing times
  • Can decrease numbness/bleeding
Reasons Why Lasers Are So Cool!
No-shot fillings and crowns
Reduce or eliminate the need for numbing
Gum Therapy
Cosmetic gum reshaping, decontaminating bacteria that causes gingivitis, and treating ulcers and sores in the mouth
Frenectomy (Tongue-Tie)
Alleviates breastfeeding Issues in infants and speech and eating Issues for children
Real Patient: Laser Filling
Six steps of laser filling.
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Trust Your Child’s Care to the Dentist Who Teaches Other Dentists!

Dr. Curtis is widely respected amongst his colleagues for his expertise in laser dentistry, and has spent the past several years teaching dentists around the country how to use lasers to improve the quality of care for pediatric patients

Dr Curtis teaching other dentists
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