Pediatric Cleaning & Prevention
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Keeping a regular cleaning and exam schedule for your child helps you prevent not only tooth decay and oral disease but also avoid costly procedures and helps to persevere a positive dental attitude that can last a lifetime.

A regular home prevention routine usually consists of having your child brush at least twice a day and floss at least once per day. But did you know there are other tools to make taking care of your child’s mouth a little easier? Depending on your child’s needs, there are special toothpaste, rinses, and even flossing aids that can help your child keep their smile bright and healthy for years to come. Curtis Kids Dentistry can help you find the best tools to enhance your child’s daily hygiene routine making their professional cleaning appointments shorter and less stressful for both parent and patient.

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Another significant factor in your child’s oral health is their diet. Acidic sugary foods and drinks can erode enamel just as a balanced diet can help keep their teeth and gums strong and healthy.

Regular professional exams and cleanings, a dedicated at-home hygiene routine, and a healthy, balanced diet can help prevent minor issues from becoming major procedures. Let us help you and your child prevent cavities, establish good habits, and have fun while doing it.

Dr Curtis examining a young patient
An infant smiling with two front teeth
Infant Oral Exam

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends for a child to have their first check-up by their First Birthday! Why so little? Well, good habits start early and we have lots of great tips for helping make sure your baby is off to a great start. Babies can get cavities and have developmental oral issues that we are specialized in assessing and correcting as well. So let’s celebrate your baby’s first birthday together, if not before then.

An infant smiling with two front teeth
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Pediatric Cleanings & Exams

During a checkup, will your child will get their teeth sparkly clean and, if necessary, take x-rays and give your child a fluoride treatment. Our doctor will perform an exam and review if any treatment is needed.

Pediatric X-Rays

Today’s digital x-rays expose your child to less radiation than ever before. Protective lead aprons are always worn while taking x-rays which further reduces your child’s exposure. The doctor follows the AAPD Radiographic Guidelines and orders specific radiographs for assessing your child’s growth, development, and, of course, ruling out cavities.


Did you know the World Health Organization mentions fluoride as one of the Ten Great Public Health Achievements of the past century for its ability to help prevent dental cavities? Our doctors and team are happy to answer all your questions about fluoride treatments and treatment options. We offer many types of Fluoride treatments to help prevent and manage dental caries.

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If teeth were the Rocky Mountains and the Grand Canyon, the food we eat and the bacteria that cause cavities would live down in the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and this is one of the highest risk areas for a cavity on a tooth. But we are in luck, a Sealant can be placed on the Grand Canyon of your tooth to reduce its risk for a cavity by 90% as the research shows us. So let us help prevent cavities in your child’s teeth by sealing those deep grooves and pits, or their Grand Canyons as we like to call them.

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